The Network

It has been several days since my last post, and everyone ought to be thankful for that.  There have been numerous times when the computer has been open, the site logged in to, and thoughts racing.  However each time I was reluctant to share my thoughts on my topic of choice.  As the MLB Network is now up and running, there are clear issues with it.  That being said, thus far I am going to call it a big win!

The reason everyone ought to be thankful for my reluctance to post in the past few days, is because I intended all along to make my next post about this particular topic and until tonight I would have blasted the network.  The feeling was one of being cheated.  For several months baseball fans-and sports fans in general-have been hearing about the launch of the network as if it were bigger than the wheel.  I bought into the hype!

Had I posted this a few days back, as I mentioned, it would have been ugly.  That’s right…I bought into the hype!  A week later???  I am all about it!  I think the on-air talent has blended together well and now the network is starting to release some different programs.  So far…so good!  In my meaningless opinion, clearly sports fans are going to be the winners in this.  Here’s hoping MLB continues to develop additional programing! 

<<EDITORS NOTE:  It’s kind of late, so I am not going to proof this.  SORRY!>>


One comment

  1. rockymountainway

    I just came upon your blog and your title made me question if you were in jail?! If they have mlb network in jail then I am going to be really depressed because I am not cool enough to have cable to witness this event. That’s alright I usually give an unbiased look after the hype and hoopla has died down, music, movies, network debuts it’s all the same..

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