Pitching Nightmare

While I try and focus on the broad issues impacting the game, it is no secret the Cardinals are my team.  Sitting here tonight, about a month from reporting day, it is fair to say my concerns are deep.  The way things are going, there is some protection in the lineup and while the Cards are not going to lead the league in runs they will put up enough runs to remain competitive.

Unfortunately the concerns around the pitching staff are far more pressing.  Everyone knows Dave Duncan can take a down on his luck pitcher, and revive his career.  However you cannot keep counting on that to work.  Let’s just pretend though, that the starting rotation concerns are a larger issues in 2010.  I am still dreading the last 2 innings.  In 2008 it was painful to watch the Cards attempt to close a game and another season like that will simply not be acceptable.  Come October, if the Cubs are in the post-season because the Cardinals don’t understand the game last’s 9 innings, there will be reason for Cardinal Nation to be calling for heads to roll!


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