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A Bad Swing and Miss

While I am nothing more than a typically 30-something Midwesterner, I have a bit of understanding regarding other cultures.  And while I have never been to Japan, it is clear the Japanese cherish-among other things-respect.  Respect-it has to be the reason Fukudome was included on the initial 34 man roster for the the Classic.  Yes, that Fukudome…the same Fukudome who was a celebrity in Chicago before he hit his Opening Day Shot…the same Fukudome who was ultimately benched and rightfully should have been left off the post-season roster (although that wasn’t going to matter much).

Anyone who knows me understands I am certainly no Cub fan, so being party to their repeated failures makes me happy.  However I am a fan of the Classic (although I wasn’t at first…I came around to it) and would like the most balanced and competitve rosters possible.  I guess it’s hard to question their management-after all they are the defending Classic champions.  Still, with such depth in their baseball is Fukudome really worthy of a roster spot?