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My Holiday Wishes

As Christmas Day winds down, I thought now is a perfect time to share my holiday wishes, most of which have yet to come true, with my loyal readers:

1)  Fuentes to either make a decision or have one thrust upon him.  Seriously dude, you are not that good where you get to try and dominate the headlines like you are.

2)  A closer for the Cards!  If it ends up being Fuentes fine, but anyone who can go out and lock down a late lead most of the time.  Had the Cards only blown half as many leads as they did last year, they would’ve won the division.

3)  Little Steinbrenner to learn he is not Mr. Steinbrenner.  The old man main have been a pain at times, but he is a leader to the fullest.  Hank…Hal…sorry cats, but you are not your dad.  Embrace your place and things will be much better for you!

4)  The Rays to win the AL East again-if for no other reason, than to prove their organizational leadership is about as good as their is in baseball.

5)  My brother-in-law to stop talking!

I hope everyone had a great holiday and is looking forward to the 2009 baseball season!